Thursday, February 3, 2011

One Line Deal Breakers

While wandering around in the world of mingling singles there are certain things that make or break a relationship. Some deal breakers manifest themselves over time; like a bad habit of chomping gum, habitual lying, the inability to clean up after ones-self, a secret world of warcraft addiction, complete and utter stupidity, an aversion to babies etc. 

Some things, however, are automatic deal breakers; One liners that guarantee things are over (or at least should be for most self respecting adults).

These single phrase relationship slayers can be lethal in any context, like "My ex was so much better than you" or setting sensitive. While commenting on how adorable your future children will be is perfectly acceptable after you've got the wedding band tan line, it is entirely inappropriate for a first date. Especially if you'd like a second. 

In case you haven't figured out dating taboos yet and the importance of timing, I've compiled this list of one liners to stay away from as you journey along your dating time-line. 

After You're 18

On The First Date 

After the Second Date

When You're Showing Her Your Place

After First Base 

Basically Anytime

Before He Meets Your Parents


After She Meets Your Parents

After Three Months

Ten Months After You're "Official" 

On Your First Anniversary

When You're Engaged

When She's Pregnant 


  1. whit, is the prego lady eating mint chocolate chip ice cream? haha :)

  2. My personal fave: shortly after you're married, "that's not how my mom does it"..


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