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The Raspy Wit Discography: 

Since I post rarely and thus have a total of under 50 posts, I've decided to create this page as a tribute to myself. 
Yes, I'm that self absorbed. 
Actually - it's just an easier way for you, me and my sweet grandmother to find past posts when the need arises. 

This page - while extremely difficult for this javascript novice to create - is quite simple. 
Click on a picture - see the corresponding post. 
The end.  

The Sheet is Falling! 

The Sandman Is a Big Jerk

Conoco Can't Service Me

The Pill 

My Complete Lack of Game

The Chicken Feud

Why I'm Banned From E-bay

The Tomato Fiasco


House Sitting

The Mobility Quest

Jobless Near Seattle

A Bird In The House

My Husband The Hobo

How to Bribe a Mexican Police Officer 


Valentines Chub

Failing at Finals

Whitney's Gym Dress Code

Whitney the Thief 

Learning to Forgive 

The Dish Nazi

Things That Don't Belong on Facebook

No Shave November 

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