Thursday, November 14, 2013

Rylan's Wagon

The Browning family lived next door to us. 

The Brownings always had an immaculate yard - they spent hours every summer pruning their planter boxes - weeding their large garden and intricately planning the placement of each piece of shrubbery.
Shrubbery is a weird word. 

Ryan is my little brother. He also lived next door to the Brownings. 

Ryan was an adventurous child. He was convinced he was half dog until the age of eight, put his head through a wall in the middle of temper tantrum and locked my other siblings and I out of the house for two hours while I was babysitting. 

His inadvertently destructive adventures often affected our neighbors - most frequently the Brownings and their impeccable yard. 

He once let an entire bucket full of snakes loose in their raspberries since my mom wouldn't let him keep them as pets. 

Mr. Browning did not always love living next door to Ryan. 

Ryan also had a red radio flyer wagon. He filled his wagon with "treasures" he found - usually in other people's homes, rooms and areas.
Some of the Browning's thing ended up in the wagon. 
This may have been an early sign of kleptomania - we're still watching him. 

One day, immediately after the Brownings had planted a new row of baby trees along their sidewalk, Ryan was out for a walk. 

He came across the baby tree. 

He liked the baby tree. He wanted to take it home as a "treasure".

He rummaged around in his wagon of stolen things.

He found an axe he nicked from my Father's toolbench. 

He cut down the Browning's tree. 

And put it in his wagon. 

He then brought the tree home as a keepsake. 

The Brownings watched the whole thing from their window. 

The End. 


  1. I want to know more about the snakes. DID THE SNAKES GET BIGGER? DID THEY EAT THE RASPBERRIES?

    1. I actually don't know. They may have gotten bigger - all I know is Mr Browning was not happy he had snakes in his garden and he was a little more careful when picking his fruit...

  2. Hands down.. one of the best blog posts yet! I love your blog and your pictures! My Dad to the tee! Haha

  3. I am totally digging your pictures! What program do you use for this? What a fun way to illustrate a fun story!
    new follower

    1. Thanks! I use paint to do my illustrations so nothing fancy :)

  4. Too funny!! I hope you had a great week!

  5. So freaking funny! I seriously love your illustrations!

  6. Love your illustrations.... seriously funny!

  7. Your little illustrations have me in stitches. And, that brother is mine too! One time, he stole all the berries off our neighbors tree and we ate them in our front yard... Then he caught us covered in the juice!

  8. Your blog totally reminds me of hyperboleandahalf. Which is awesome, because she stopped writing and was hilarious! lol.
    Your brother sounds like a handful! All little boys have their quirks though!

  9. Thanks for stopping by my blog! Your blog is awesome!
    Xx new follower.

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