Monday, November 8, 2010


Raspy Wit. 
My latest and greatest method of wasting time and procrastinating life's responsibilities. 

If you know me, and I'm sure you do since I most likely solicited you to read this in the first place, you completely understand the title. For the rare few that unfortunately stumble upon this blog let me expound. 

Raspy refers to the fact that I sound like a chain smoker/ have a razor blades for vocal chords/swallowed your great-grandpa. No I am not sick, no I do not have emphysema, and no I can't sing like Bryan Adams (and yes, I answer those questions daily) 

Wit should refer to a natural aptitude for rhetorical humor and a sharp tongue... In this case however, it's merely a euphemism for my name, Whitney. I can't claim to be a witty writer yet... but I'm working on it. 

Why the lengthy introductions? Because every self-help-auto-blog site say this is the first step to setting up a winner... and this completes step one. 

Step two - Why I started the blog 
I crave change, which is why every six months for the past three years I've jetted off to some third world country for the season. While abroad I feel a need to document my conquests, record my daily doings and spit sarcastic word art on paper. Strangely enough, I've stayed state side for eleven consecutive months now which means I need an artistic release for my cynical commentary. The choice came down to:

      A) start a blog 
      B) keep a secret diary
      C) take up poetry or 
      D) mass text clever comments to all known associates

I chose blog. 

The instablog tips say I should I continue to steps three and four, what I plan to write about and how you as the audience can react... but honestly this is the most boring composition i've ever willingly thrown out into cyberspace, and that includes pointless Facebook statuses. It ends here. Hopefully you've at least skimmed over my blogging for dummies intro and hopefully the content of this webpage improves in the near future. Until then.... feel free to keep this blog experience to yourself. 

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